"Dicy brings a ton of knowledge, both text-book learning and real-world experience, to her training and programming. This alone would make her an excellent coach in a sea of under qualified and undertrained coaches floating around the internet. What makes her really stand apart from other coaches I’ve worked with is her ability to work with an athlete’s mental and physical weaknesses and find ways to develop them into strengths. As a PhD candidate my life includes a specific kind of anxiety that bleeds into the gym, and from the beginning Dicy has been amazing at listening to my feedback and concerns about training. During our weekly check-ins she is 100% present and focused on my programming and my experiences in the previous week, and that attention shows in even the smallest changes in my training for the following week. In the 10 weeks we’ve been working together, she has developed a solid training program for me where I am pushing myself both mentally and physically in the gym without burning out. I can feel the benefits of Dicy’s coaching in my attitude towards training in general, and of course in my sweet sweet gains in the gym. I enthusiastically recommend working with Dicy for anyone who wants to work with a knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated coach who cares about every detail of her athlete’s training."

-Ali L.